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Strange Days




It's the eve of the millennium in Los Angeles, December 31, 1999. Lenny Nero is an ex-cop turned street hustler who preys on human nature by dealing the drug of the future. It's an environment that will lead him deep into the danger zone when he falls into a maze filled with intrigue and betrayal, murder and conspiracy...

British release date: March 01, 1996
Us release date: October 13, 1995

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German poster from the movie Strange Days

Main Cast

  • Lenny Nero
  • Lornette 'Mace' Ma
  • Faith Justin
  • Max Peltier
  • Philo Gant
  • Burton Steckler
  • Jeriko One
  • Iris
  • Tick
  • Dwayne Engelman
  • Palmer Strickland
  • Keith
  • Joey Corto
  • Wade Beemer
  • Cindy 'Vita' Minh

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