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Danger: Diabolik




The dreaded thief (and killer) Diabolik wreaks havoc on a generic European country for his own financial gain and amusement. He shares an extravagant underground lair (and a giant bed of money) with his curvaceous, superficial girlfriend...who uses her awesome powers of wig-wearing to help Diabolik kill innocent people and steal billions from the government. Nonetheless, Diabolik is the hero of the film because he must face off against bumbling cops and revenge-seeking mafiosos...

French release date: April 12, 1968
Italian release date: January 24, 1968
British release date: January 19, 1969

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Us poster from the movie Danger: Diabolik (Diabolik)

Main Cast

  • Diabolik
  • Eva Kant
  • Inspector Ginko
  • Ralph Valmont
  • Police Chief
  • Sgt. Danek
  • Minister's Assistant
  • Lady Clark
  • Prostitute
  • Rose
  • Lorry Driver
  • Policewoman
  • Bank Manager
  • Valmont's Henchman
  • Valmont's Henchman

Also Known As

  • Дьяболик (inc)
  • Diabolik Diabolik Diabolik (it)

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